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First Batch of Fosun’s Donated Medical Supplies Arrives in Shanghai Amid Global Procurement

(1:45 am Jan 28) Flight LH8404 from Frankfurt, Germany arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and unloaded 50,000 sets of GB19082-2009 protective medical suits. This is Fosun’s first batch of global emergency medical supplies, as well as the first batch of overseas medical supplies arriving in Shanghai, which will be sent to Wuhan, Shanghai and other serious epidemic areas.

The 50,000 sets of protective medical suits with arrival in Shanghai this time were microporous membrane full-body protective clothing purchased by Fosun from Germany's ASATEX company, which meets the GB19082-2009 standard by the National Health Commission for the prevention of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It can effectively protect against particulates and liquid splattering, which makes it qualified to be used for the clinics. Some of these protective medical suits will be shipped directly to Wuhan and are expected to arrive on the evening of Jan 28.

The 100,000 masks purchased by Fosun from India will also arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport at around 8:20 pm on Jan 28. These 100,000 masks are Honeywell N95 models, which meet the medical protection standards by the National Health Commission. The medical material dispatch to the epidemic area will help alleviate the shortage of medical supplies in the severely affected areas.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Fosun headquarters and its German and Indian teams, the procurement and transportation of the medical materials have overcome many hurdles such as complicated procurement procedures and tight logistics coordination timing during holidays. 50,000 sets of protective medical suits purchased by Germany were packed into 84 boxes at the Frankfurt Airport’s warehouse in Jan 26’s afternoon at its local time, and arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport by the latest LH8404 cargo flight.

In addition, more than 10,000 masks from Portugal as well as more than 1,900 pieces of protective medical suits and more than 900 masks from Japan have also arrived in Shanghai and are being transferred to the epidemic area.

In the past few days, the domestic epidemic situation has escalated rapidly, and the epidemic prevention work is undergoing against time. Fosun International Chairman Guo Guangchang, CEO Wang Qunbin and other top management team directly ordered the material purchase within Fosun's global system and required Fosun's overseas colleagues to make every effort to find the source and follow the actual requirements and send back by airplanes to save time. Employees of Fosun's various departments also gave up their vacation and family reunion time, entered into a state of fighting, and coordinated around the clock. Fosun has confirmed it has purchased nearly 600,000 medical supply units worldwide, including more than 330,000 medical masks and over 270,000 protective medical suits. Fosun is also actively ensuring relevant materials arrive in the country as quickly as possible, and will donate to the epidemic areas as soon as possible

The material delivery was fully supported by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassies in Germany, India and other countries as well as relevant departments in Shanghai, and German customs and other departments. Fosun's German and Indian teams are deployed throughout the process to ensure the delivery of materials. The Embassies in Germany and India provided support immediately after learning that the materials with Fosun qualified as "non-commercial use", and issued notes to the foreign and customs ministries of Germany and India, urging them to open expediated windows on the weekends. Quick clearance of the medical supplies helped catch the Fosun charter flights as soon as possible and ship the supplies to the frontline of domestic epidemic areas.

After learning that the first batch of supplies successfully arrived in Shanghai from Germany, Fosun’s Chairman Guo Guangchang said, "It took less than four days from the start of our global material procurement plan to the first batch arrival in China. Cross-border and cross-departmental communication show our efficiency to truly reflect the spirit of a shared community of mankind. It also strengthens our confidence. Fosun will make full use of our global resource advantages, go all out to support the fight at domestic epidemic areas, and contribute to the early victory.”

In the early morning of Jan 28, Shang Yuying, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Municipal Government, made a special trip to Shanghai Pudong Airport to receive the medical supplies donated by Fosun and represented by Fosun’s Co-President Xu Xiaoliang. Fosun CEO Wang Qunbin said Fosun's global medical supply procurement plan is still ongoing, and medical materials purchased in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, the U.S. and other places are quickly finishing up with various procedures and strive to be shipped back to domestic epidemic areas as soon as possible.