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I Finally Understand What Wartime Supplies Mean; 330K Masks And 270K Protective Medical Suits Are Coming

9 p.m. the day before yesterday,

The first batch of 10,000 masks from Portugal arrived in China!

9p.m. yesterday

900 masks and 1,700 protective medical suits from Japan were brought back by our staff and they arrived safely in China!

2am today

50,000 protective medical suits from Germany arrived in China!

8pm today

100,000 N95 masks from India will also arrive in China!

Right now

32,000 pieces of protective clothing from the UK have also been shipped to China

We have secured 330,000 masks and 270,000 protective medical suits overseas. In the next few days, medical supplies purchased from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, India, Japan and other places will also finish up various procedures in a timely manner, and strive to be shipped back to China as soon as possible. We will then send to epidemic areas to help better protect our medical staff.

At the same time, Fosun Pharma is preparing to cooperate with the leading international biotechnology companies with the cutting-edge technology to develop and produce the 2019-nCoV pneumonia vaccine. With the virus genome sequence obtained, it is expected to work out the vaccine as soon as possible, and rapidly produce it in large scales. We believe it is significant to work on vaccine development and deployment.

When the first batch of protective medical suits arrived in China, I finally understood what wartime supplies mean.

During the World War II, wartime supplies materials were penicillin, firearms and ammunition, and military equipment. Numerous patriotic compatriots and businessmen, regardless of life or death, transport these strategic materials from abroad to China along the Yunnan-Myanmar highway and the hump route. During the Wuhan battle in 1938, a well-known patriotic businessman and "China Shipping Magnet” - Lu Zuofu, also successfully hauled a large number of wartime supplies from Wuhan and Yichang to Sichuan and Chongqing. He did save the lifeline of the military and civilian industries and the last vitality of the national economy.

Today, while facing the pneumonia epidemic war, wartime supplies are protective medical suits, N95 masks, and goggles. As an efficient social organization, our company should use all available resources to provide the most needed supplies and guarantee our support for the frontline doctors and nurses.

With greater pressure and responsibilities, we are running against time every day to mobilize more global forces to fight this pneumonia epidemic war together.

From the start of Chines New Year's Eve, Fosun's global procurement plan launched, and it took only less than four days to have the first batch of protective medical suits arrive in China. In addition to thank my fellow Fosun classmates, I would also like to thank the customs and borders of various countries, China’s diplomatic system and domestic government departments for their strong support!

Let's pray for Hubei and China! God bless China!