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Fosun Holds Its 4th “515 Fosun Family Day” as Scheduled

Due to a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in March this year, people's normal life is at a standstill, and the hustle and bustle of the city is faltering. However, a close rapport between neighbors is being reestablished with the distribution of greens, a can of cola, or a few eggs. The epidemic hasn't stopped citizens' kindnesses towards each other. In addition, the epidemic hasn't stopped people from thinking about and pursuing happiness. Good health, the company of family members, a better life... All of these are what make up happiness.

On May 15, the 4th 515 Fosun Family Day comes as scheduled to show "Bring your love to Fomily". "Captain Happiness", one of Fosun's top ecological programs, is officially unveiled on the day of the live event. Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International, Huang Zhen, Executive Director of Fosun International and Chairman of Yuyuan Inc., Pan Donghui, Executive President and CHO of Fosun International, and Hao Yuming, vice president and Co-CHO of Fosun International, as specially invited "Captain Happiness", start the program. By focusing on the robust growth on sales, competent operation personnel, and well-structured organizational systems, Fosun can better respond to household customers worldwide and meet their expectations of love and happiness with its quality products and best services.

The press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai held on the same day revealed that COVID-19 prevention and control measures have been strictly implemented based on the principles of "lifting the restriction orderly, flowing limitedly, effective control, and targeted management", and the business and market are to be resumed in stages from May 16. In the coming month of the 515 Fosun Family Day, Fosun will hold a series of online and offline events in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Chongqing in collaboration with over 70 domestic and overseas brands to show Fosun's deep "Concern" for family customers and continue to fulfill Fosun's mission and vision of "making life happier for global household customers".

"Fosun Stars" Promote Public Benefits

An interactive game called "Fosun Stars" is specially launched as part of this year's 515 Fosun Family Day. From May 1, users can join the game via the Fosun Star mini program to get an exclusive "Fosun Stars Card" after answering questions about the expressions of love. After that, users need to invite friends to interact and guess their preferences to get a "Key". At the "Fosun Star Lighting-Up Ceremony" on May 15, any user with a "Key" has a chance to receive a nice gift prepared by Fosun. In addition, Fosun also launches a "Fosun Stars and Happiness" challenge on TikTok. Users can win cash in the activity by posting videos with a "Fosun's Deep Concern for You" sticker according to the rules.

It is worth mentioning that users can contribute to the "Rural Doctors" program by participating in the "Fosun Stars" game or the "Fosun Stars and Happiness" challenge on TikTok. Every ten "Stars" collected in the events will be "transformed" into a donation of RMB 1 by Fosun Foundation for medical care in rural areas. "Rural Doctors" refers to a health & poverty alleviation project launched by Fosun Foundation in 2017. It aims to offer better and more sustainable medical services to the majority of villagers at the grassroots through the medical skills enhancement of rural doctors and the improvement of their working environment. The "Rural Doctors" program so far has covered 73 counties in 16 provinces, including 25 counties with key assistance for rural revitalization.

As a festival for "families", the 515 Fosun Family Day this year will offer consumers quality ecological products of Fosun as well as fairly favorable discounts through a series of e-commerce events on platforms like Boss Live-Broadcasting and TikTok. "Stars" gift boxes which integrate Fosun’s quality products and services of health, happiness and wealth will be given to consumers in the live events.

The "Star Treasurers" program launched on May 15 sends "Happiness Stars" gifts to Fosun employees and releases the recruitment of "Captain Happiness". As an organic part of Fosun's FC2M ecological strategy at the 2-link end, “Captain Happiness” are one of the most important personnel training and organization systems for Fosun's ecological value creation. On the initiative of Fosun board of directors, the "Captain Happiness" program in the future will intelligently establish linkages at the C-end and M-end, training more Fosun ecological employees (To C) and salesmen targeting major vertical clients of the whole industry (To B) to be "Captain Happiness". By undertaking the tasks of sales and operation, "Captain Happiness" will contribute to the growth in sales revenue and the development of sales organization in the whole ecological field. In virtue of Fosun's quality products and best services, happiness is in the "control" of millions of families around the world.

New Products of Over 70 Domestic and Overseas Brands to Be Released

Yuyuan this year will continue to participate in the 515 Event with its time-honored and innovative brands. New products and biggest sellers related to jewelry, health, beauty, culture and diet will be introduced. For example, Laomiao Jewelry launches a series of parent-child products, "Elephant Snoring", to express good luck and best wishes; Yayi Jewelry introduces products of its wedding series, "Camellia & Butterfly", to convey love, happiness, and warmth; Shanghai Watch will roll out in succession its collections of "Moonlight on the Zigzag Bridge", "Salute to the Founder", "Metropolitan · Sparkle", and IP watches jointly designed with Shanghai International Circuit; based on the IP "Crossover girl", XWAY unveils its beauty makeup boxes to "Explore the Unknown and Create Happiness".

With quality products and best services, Fosun's health brands are making joint efforts to meet the health needs of families. Fosun Health will continuously offer free "Guarding Shanghai" medical consultation services. For example, seeing a doctor at home, and inviting medical specialists to give popularization of science online and answer medical questions. Fosun United Health Insurance will cooperate with Fosun Health and Fosun Alliance to jointly launch the family benefits package.

The Bund Finance Center (BFC), a subsidiary of Fosun Hive, has become a new landmark for family consumption in the Bund. During the 515 Fosun Family Day, a variety of early-summer art activities will be held by the BFC in the field of fashion, art and design, including solo exhibitions of museum level masters, trendy artistic installations, art inspiration fairs, and art experience parties. Yuyuan will focus on the 24 solar terms to hold a battery of activities throughout the event, for example, the Dragon Boat Festival Chinese opera festival, the 24-solar-term concert, and the Shanghai Hanfu Cultural Festival.

During the 515 Family Day, Fosun's overseas brands will promote quality global commodities and release new arrivals in their collaboration with each other. Lanvin, a French haute couture brand of Fosun Fashion, will unveil its exclusive sales of the 520 series of clothing at the new store in Chongqing Star Light 68 Plaza; while the United States haute couture brand, St. John, will introduce pre-fall collections and hold a window display of its 520 capsule collections in Nanjing. AHAVA, an Israeli cosmetic brand under Yuyuan Beauty & Health, will also release new products, including "Men's Suit in Collaboration with Wolverhampton Wanderers", "Anti-Wrinkle Series" and "Dead Sea Herbal Hydrating Body Lotion in Collaboration with Luoyang".

As an innovation-driven global family consumption group, Fosun has always been focusing on the needs of household customers for happiness. Through the annual 515 Fosun Family Day, Fosun hopes to help every family realize their dream of a happy life.

According to Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International, Fosun will keep on "intelligently building" a healthy, happy and wealthy ecosystem, providing household customers with swifter, more comprehensive, and more personalized happy life solutions.