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Fosun Foundation’s 40-day Anti-epidemic Efforts to Protect Shanghai Do More and Do Better for the City

(Shanghai, 12 May 2022) In face of the COVID-19 outbreak started in March in Shanghai, Fosun Foundation has successively launched three projects, “Community Support”, “Care for Elderly” and “Care for Children”, which are aimed at providing targeted assistance to communities, the elderly, women and children, etc. 

As of 10 May, Fosun Foundation has joined hands with several non-profit organizations, enterprises and caring individuals, accumulatively providing 2.939 million pieces of materials, covering 16 districts in Shanghai.

When the current wave of the epidemic started in early March, Fosun Anti-2019 nCoV Global Wartime Headquarters, which is based in the Bund Finance Center, launched the epidemic relief action in Shanghai immediately. Fosun Foundation quickly joined forces with Fosun’s member companies and friends to gather anti-epidemic materials and daily necessities, and immediately assist communities, colleges and universities, hospitals, and other units in need. 

Li Haifeng, Commander-in-chief of Fosun Anti-2019 nCoV Global Wartime Headquarters and Chairman of Fosun Foundation, said “We must demonstrate the power of social organization, do more and do better for this city.” 

Since 1 April, more than 40 Fosun employees have temporarily bid farewell to their families and have been stationed at the frontline of the headquarters for 40 consecutive days with personal protective equipment, helping source, pack and deliver the essentials to people in need.

“Community Support” Project: provided assistance on 610 occasions with 30,000 kilometers of caring footprint

As of 10 May, Fosun Foundation has addressed a total of 610 community needs with the joint forces of 18 charitable organizations and enterprises, and 23 caring individuals.

In order to achieve efficient assistance, Fosun Foundation has designed and upgraded the “Anti-epidemic Support Package”, which includes protective suits, shoe covers, face shields, face masks, disinfection supplies, COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits and other anti-epidemic materials. 

Yu Xi, Co-Executive Secretary General of Fosun Foundation said that each of the upgraded support package can meet the epidemic prevention needs of a community for about 40 days. “Many of these support packages have been pledged by caring individuals in the entertainment industry, and they have become an important force in our joint donation. An average of 224,840 pieces of anti-epidemic materials are stored in the 360-sq.m. lobby of Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) every day, it is possibly the most artistic 'pop-up' warehouse.” 

▲ Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) became a “pop-up warehouse” temporarily, with the improvement of the epidemic situation, new exhibition has been set up and is ready for the opening

“Care for Elderly” Project: assisted tens of thousands of elderly people in more than 200 nursing homes

On 15 April, Fosun Foundation launched the “Care for Elderly” project to precisely address the urgent needs of the elderly for medicines, daily necessities, and anti-epidemic materials. As of noon on 8 May, the “Care for Elderly” project has delivered over 450,000 pieces of materials to more than 10,000 elderly people in more than 250 nursing homes.

Zhang Yifei, Secretary General of Fosun Foundation, learned that there are more than 800 nursing homes in Shanghai, and most of residents are elderly people over the age of 85. According to their needs, the “Care for Elderly” epidemic prevention support package contains a variety of anti-epidemic products, as well as diapers, nursing pads or pull-up diapers, which can meet the needs of large-scale nursing homes with more than 300 elderly people.

Nutritional products are also very important for the elderly. After receiving the requests from elderly care center and elderly home on Yuyuan Street in Huangpu District, the “Care for Elderly” team urgently deployed 3,600 cartons of milk and 3,600 eggs. Li Haifeng led the team to deliver the materials to the elderly on the same day, said “Providing what they want and what they need is the original intention of ‘Care for Elderly’”.

Considering that many elderly people, who suffer from chronic diseases and underlying conditions, must take medication on a long-term basis, starting from 20 April, the “Care for Elderly” project has cooperated with Joyful Way Clinic to dispense and deliver medicines to the elderly in urgent needs. In 9 days, the team delivered more than 40 types of medicines to more than 150 elderly people in 27 nursing homes for the treatment of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease. 

“Care for Children” Project: protected more than 6,000 infants and children

The “Care for Children” project was officially launched on 20 April. Up to now, it has partnered with 17 caring enterprises and charitable individuals to provide assistance on 22 occasions, distributing a total of 940,000 pieces of materials including milk powder, rice noodles, meat floss, diapers, COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits, gloves to more than 6,000 infants and families.

Valentina Wu, Co-Executive Secretary General of Fosun Foundation, said, "Renji Hospital South Branch is a designated hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, and one-third of the patients are children with underlying conditions. The hospital has therefore set up a parent-child ward. However, the shortage of daily necessities for more than 200 children and their families has become a major problem. After receiving assistance request from the hospital, Fosun Foundation urgently deployed milk powder, rice cereal, baby diapers, as well as adult pants, disposable underwear and other materials, so that children and adults can tide over the difficulties safely. ”

▲ The “Care for Children” team delivered materials to the mobile cabin hospital in Jiading Gymnasium

After the Labor Day holiday, various assistance requests that Fosun Foundation received gradually reduced. Over the past two months, Fosuners have seen difficulties, and have also worked hard to let the light of ordinary people shine. Fosuners are not only surging with love, but are also actively taking concrete actions. “Stay at home and fight the epidemic”, “stay calm”, “do a little more”, Shanghai will shine as bright as ever.

About Fosun Foundation

Since its establishment, Fosun has been adhering to its core value of “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance and Contribution to Society”, shouldering corporate social responsibilities and insisting on serving the society, the people and the nation. Founded in November 2012, Fosun Foundation’s core businesses include disaster relief, poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, culture, art, youth entrepreneurship, etc. In 2021, Fosun Foundation was awarded “5A Social Organization”.