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Rural Doctors go on an “Immersive” Tour at the CIIE: “Two Days Felt Like Two Months”

Last second, she was admiring the mesmerizing scenery at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the next second, she was listening to folk songs at the Old Town of Lijiang. Zhong Liping, a Generation Z rural doctor from Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in Yunnan province went on an immersive travel experience through the FOLIDAY magic door at the FOLIDAY booth at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). “I have always wanted to travel and explore, but I never imagine such gorgeous scenery to be displayed in front of my eyes.” The young woman did not think that she could admire the scenery of her hometown in Shanghai.

On 6 November 2021, three rural doctors from Yunnan province were invited by Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) (hereinafter referred to as, Fosun Foundation) to visit the 4th CIIE. In addition, Fosun Foundation collaborated with Fosun Pharma, Fosun Tourism, and Yuyuan’s Tong Han Chun Tang to customize a relaxing and fulfilling "surprise tour" for rural doctors.

Four years ago, Zhong Liping, who was only 21 years old, returned to Yanyin Village to take over her aunt’s role and became the only young doctor in the village. While shouldering the responsibility of taking care of the villagers, Zhong Liping almost did not have the opportunity to travel far away. The invitation to visit the CIIE this time is a dream come true for the young woman. However, even greater surprises awaited her.

Xu Bingbin, Executive President of Fosun Tourism and CEO of Club Med China, was at the FOLIDAY booth and invited Zhong Liping to become the FOLIDAY Travel Ambassador. In addition, he announced the establishment of a Yunnan Rural Doctors training centre in Club Med Lijiang. In the future, professional training will be offered to young people who aspire to become rural doctors and volunteers on a regular basis every year.

Experiencing FOLIDAY's joyful vacation is just the first stop of the "surprise tour". At the next Fosun Health booth, the three rural doctors were amazed by the various cutting-edge medical technologies. With professional guidance, Zhong Liping learned to use the da Vinci® Surgical System in a flash, exuding professional charm of a young rural doctor; Luo Yuping, a rural doctor who makes house calls by motorcycle, stood in front of the ECMO negative pressure ambulance for a while, recalling the time when she helped a pregnant woman deliver a baby on a motorcycle. She still has lingering fears to this day.

At the event, Fosun Foundation, together with Fosun Pharma and Fosun Health, organized the launch ceremony of the "Cloud Guardian" online platform, as part of the "Hand in Hand" rural medical talent revitalization program. The platform aims to provide rural doctors with an online channel to acquire knowledge about diagnosis and treatments in order to improve their medical standards. Li Shengli, Senior Vice President of Fosun Pharma and CEO of Fosun Health, said, “We hope that by improving the medical practice of rural doctors, patients can benefit from higher-quality diagnosis and treatments.”

Bai Junmei, Deputy Director of the People’s Hospital of Pingbian Miao Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, witnessed the launch ceremony online. She hopes that this project that will benefit millions of rural doctors, “I hope this platform can help villagers realize the life scene of 'common diseases to be treated in the town, minor diseases to be treated in the village'."

Moving from the modern CIIE hall to the hustle and bustle of Yuyuan Tourist Mart. At the herbal scented Tong Han Chun Tang Pharmacy, rural doctors learned acupuncture techniques from Qie Yulan, the inheritor of the "Menghe Medical School”, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for rural doctors. Prior to this, Li Xiaojin had some knowledge about acupuncture, but was not confident enough to apply it into practice. "I hope that when I get home, I can study Chinese medicine in-depth and provide better services to the villagers." Li Xiaojin shared her aspiration with reporters.

At the launch ceremony of the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Exchange Platform" organized by Fosun Foundation and Tong Han Chun Tang, Mr. Chen Yixiao, General Manager of Tong Han Chun Tang said, “As a time-honored Chinese pharmaceutical brand with a history of more than two hundred years, Tong Han Chun Tang has the responsibility and obligation to promote traditional Chinese medicine. We will continue to carry out the promotion to help more people."

The rural doctors visited and explored the CIIE for two days. From the exhibition hall to the places outside of the exhibition hall, from cutting-edge technologies to traditional Chinese medicine, the three rural doctors reckon that it was a worthwhile trip. In this regard, Li Haifeng, Chairman of Fosun Foundation Shanghai, said,

“This is the second time that we have invited village doctors to visit the CIIE. Compared with previous visits, we hope that this visit to the Expo will become a landmark event. Although only four representatives of rural doctors were here at the CIIE, the project they witnessed will influence millions of rural doctors. In the future, Fosun Foundation will seek more means to cooperate with outsiders to provide high-quality learning pathways for rural doctors to speed up the improvements in grassroots public health services, support rural revitalization, and promote common prosperity.”