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2021 Fosun Family Season to Set the “Fosun China-Chic” and Launch Fosun Membership System “Fosun Alliance”

On 29 September, 2021 Fosun Family Season officially kicked off in Yuyuan in Shanghai. Centered around the theme of “Fosun China-Chic Families Carnival”, Fosun and more than 70 brands in its ecosystem jointly participated and integrated online and offline resources to set the “Fosun China-Chic” with Fosun characteristics across the country.

At the event, Fosun family consumer platform “Fosun Alliance” Wechat mini-program was newly launched, bringing high-quality service and pleasant experience in all aspects of daily life essential needs, namely clothing, food, living, transportation, recreation, education and entertainment to 376 million registered members in Fosun’s ecosystem.

Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International said, “Fosun Family Season focuses on oriental aesthetics and activates the unique Fosun China-Chic ecosystem. Through online and offline experiences, membership interests and high net worth customers activity customization, with stories, scenes, and customized user rights combinations, we provide pleasant perceptual experiences to family users.”

On 27 September, China’s first privately controlled high-speed railway, Hangshaotai High-speed Railway, which was built by the private consortium led by Fosun, officially began the integration test and commissioning, and the countdown to service commencement has started.

On 29 September, representatives of Fosun's ecosystem brands gathered in Yuyuan to launch the virtual Fosun train, "Fosun China-Chic Happy Train" to kick off the 2021 Fosun Family Season.

Huang Zhen, Global Partner of Fosun and Chairman and President of Yuyuan Inc. said, “2021’s 920 Fosun Family Season is themed around ‘Fosun China-Chic Families Carnival’ and integrated online and offline experiences. The ‘Fosun China-Chic Happy Train’ highlighted the concept of ‘China-Chic Trend’ and collaborated with many cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Lijiang and Dongyang to organically connect more than 70 ecosystem brands in the health, happiness and wealth segments, perfectly integrating traditional oriental aesthetics and modern trends, intelligently creating the journey of Fosun China-Chic ecosystem.

This Fosun Family Season started in September and will last until mid of November this year. Over 70 Fosun ecosystem brands, including domestic exquisite brands such as Tong Han Chun Tang, The City God Temple, and Shede Spirits, as well as classic national scenes such as Yuyuan Tourist Mart and Dongyang Woodcarving City and Dongjia, an e-commerce platform that focuses on China-Chic arts and handcrafts are participating at the event. In addition, global brands under Fosun, such as LANVIN and Silver Cross are actively embracing Chinese culture and exploring the symbiosis with Chinese creatives and China-Chic trends.

As a classic China-Chic landmark, Yuyuan is one of the main offline venues of Fosun Family Season. During the National Day holiday, Yuyuan will be transformed into an ancient city of the prosperous Tang Dynasty to launch “The Longest Day in Fosun”, a China-Chic live action role-playing game (LARP). Players can dress in Chinese traditional costume to get into character to immersive experience Fosun ecosystem products in fashion, beauty, food and health, etc., and leverage on China-Chic tips to unlock missions and win ‘China-Chic gift package’.

At the same time, various amazing online promotion activities of Fosun Family Season will be launched. "Fosun China-Chic Super Brand Day", "Godsend Blessing Shopping Season", "Singles' Day China-Chic Shopping Festival" and other E-commerce promotions continue to give back to family customers. Viya, Luo Yonghao, Cherie, Lin Yilun and other celebrities will take turns to join the event. Every event is a good show.

It is worth mentioning that the newly launched Fosun family consumer platform “Fosun Alliance” Wechat mini-program integrated health, happiness and wealth segments and is set up based on everyday life scenarios, providing high-quality interests encompassing all aspects of daily life essential needs, namely clothing, food, living, transportation, recreation, education and entertainment for its customers.

As the catalyst for a happy life, “Fosun Alliance” is a membership system based on Fosun’s ecosystem. With "good customer interests, good products, good services" as the core, it gathers C-end traffic of Fosun’s businesses.

According to the presentation, “Fosun Alliance” is positioned as a precise traffic distribution platform for the middle to high-end market. When online and offline users are directed to “Fosun Alliance”, big data will further identify users’ needs and multi-dimensionally construct a complete user portrait system.

In addition, “Fosun Alliance” also integrates and deepens the rich resources of Fosun's brands to form a platform with high quality content of consumer interests. Leveraging the core capabilities of "data + AI", consumer interests are accurately matched across the entire ecosystem to achieve interlinked traffic across different industries to open and speed up the horizontal integration of member interests, interlinking and extending the life-cycle value of family users, thereby realizing the multiplier effect.

Xu Xiaoliang said that, “Leveraging Fosun’s rich ecosystem and industrial coverage in segments such as health, happiness, wealth and intelligent manufacturing, ‘Fosun Alliance’ integrates user interests to create targeted online and offline consumption scenarios to offer one-stop family solutions, creating additional value that exceeds the added value of a single product or service for consumers, which will in turn enhance user experience significantly.”

In recent years, new consumption patterns have continued to emerge. Among them, oriental aesthetics as part of the "China-Chic trend" symbolizes the rise of Chinese creativity and creation and accumulates the long-standing Chinese history, demonstrating the robust cultural soft power of China.

Riding the emerging China-Chic trend, 2021 Fosun Family Season closely follows the theme of “Fosun China-Chic Families Carnival”. Brands under Fosun will leverage their respective M-end advantages, take Fosun’s China-Chic products as the core and lead with innovative China-Chic products. Shede’s Mythical Character series, Seagull Watches’ Ocean Star series collaborated with Team China, Wei Beauty’s Royal Ming series, and the series collaborated by Laomiao and Daming Palace, etc. are joining the Fosun Family Season. Each brand customizes good products of national style and heritage trend to create a powerful experience of national style and heritage trend.

From September to November, Fosun Family Season events will continue to roll out in cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Lijiang and Dongyang, offering endless wonderful China-Chic experiences.

On 23 September, Seagull Watches, a brand under Fosun signed an endorsement contract with Lang Ping, the Chinese women’s volleyball legend. “Friends of Time” reunited with Lang Ping to revitalize the domestic time-honored brand. On 25 September, FOLIDAY Town’s Club Med Lijiang resort and Chongqing Fosun International Center both commenced operations, taking the lead to kick off Fosun Family Season.

Entering October, Fosun will join hands with Bilibili Comics to launch a special exhibition of Bilibili’s top-streaming IPs in Yuyuan, and Laomiao will launch a new collaborative product of “Laomiao & Daming Palace” in Daming Palace in Xi’an... In November, China-Chic industry will join hands with the China Arts & Crafts Association, Shanghai International Fashion Federation and other units to host the “Masters of China” exhibition in Dongyang. At the event, artists and master craftsmen from all walks of life will gather in Dongyang Woodcarving City to pay tribute to the ingenuity of the China-Chic trend and take the lead in China-Chic innovation together.

Shede will offer Shede tavern experience in many places across the country throughout the entire Fosun Family Season. In addition, Miniversity will launch China-Chic learning camps, while Golte and Fosun Care will also organize a series of China-Chic activities.

As an innovation-driven consumer group, Fosun is committed to bringing a happy life to hundreds of millions of families, and gradually building a FC2M (Fosun Client to Maker) happiness ecosystem centered around family customers.

Starting from 2019, Fosun’s industrial ecosystem layout centered around the needs of family happiness has become more and more complete and gave rise to the Fosun Family Season, implementing the “client-end as top priority, maker-end as top leader” strategy. Fosun Family Season has been held for three consecutive years, with an aim to re-awaken people's yearning for a better life in the post-epidemic era, as well as the emphasis and care for family life.

Driven by innovation, Fosun has precisely targeted family customers, adhered to its C2M strategy, and formed a vertical closed-loop C2M industry. By horizontally opening up these vertical C2M closed loops, Fosun formed a large FC2M ecosystem that fully covers family needs and optimizes the value for family customers, so as to realize the multiplier effect across industries in the ecosystem.

At present, the FC2M ecosystem has been implemented in multiple fields such as medical services, healthcare management, pharmaceutical circulation, rehabilitation and elderly care, financial management, fashion and entertainment, and quality consumption. As the linkage between the in-depth interaction between Fosun's ecosystem and family customers, Fosun will continue to focus on the pain points of customer scenarios after the Fosun Family Season, tap customers' inner desires, creatively integrate M-end capabilities and connect to C-end needs, and continue to facilitate Fosun's Industry Operations.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International said, “Fosun focuses on family consumption industries. Our original aspiration is to create value for family customers and we must persevere on this path. Fosun Family Season is iteratively evolving every year, regardless of the scenario, the people or the products, we will always optimize consumer interests and gave back to family customers to intelligently create a healthy, happy, and prosperous ecosystem for family customers around the world."