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Fosun Attends Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference, Building Shanghai into a World-renowned Premium Tourist City

The Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference was held at the Shanghai World Expo Museum today on 28 September to create world-renowned tourist city and meet people’s demand for a better life. Gong Zheng, Deputy Communist Party Secretary and Mayor of Shanghai Municipality launched the first batch’s two RMB100 billion major tourism investment projects in Shanghai during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Chen Tong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipality delivered a keynote presentation, welcoming entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the development of Shanghai’s tourism industry.

The construction of world-class tourist destinations in Shanghai is speeding up comprehensively. The conference inaugurated 30 major tourism projects in Shanghai with a total investment of RMB113.2 billion, and 24 tourism investment projects in Shanghai with an estimated investment of RMB115 billion, as part of its “14th Five-Year Plan”. During the conference, roadshows of the major tourism investment projects in Jinshan District, Songjiang District, Qingpu District, Fengxian District, Chongming District, Lingang New District, Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone and Modern Sky were conducted. Shanghai Disneyland and the Group spoke on behalf of major tourism project units, and Legoland and Jin Jiang International shared tourism investment cases.

In the first half of this year, Shanghai achieved domestic tourism revenue of RMB172.4 billion, an increase of 69% over 2020, restoring to 78% of the revenue in the same period in 2019, continuing to show a rapid recovery trend. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shanghai will vigorously implement the tourism "revenue doubling plan" and construction of tourist destinations to empower Shanghai’s tourism to reach its peak, establish the urban tourism positioning, and promote construction of "World Meeting Room" on the Huangpu River, "Urban Cultural Life Leisure Belt" on the Suzhou Creek, and "Five New Cities", a cultural tourism empowerment project and a number of major tourism projects such as the Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone, Sheshan National Tourism Resort Zone, and the upgrading of the Shanghai Bay Tourism Zone, to empower tourism to reach its peak with leading major projects, major events, and major functional platforms, accelerate the transition of "One River and One Creek" to "Life Show Belt", empower the "Five New Cities" to build into independent comprehensive node cities, focus on building a number of world-class tourist destinations, and comprehensively deepen the construction of high-quality world-renowned urban tourist city.

Wang Qunbin, Co-Chairman of Fosun International attended the conference and delivered a speech based on the theme of “creating world's leading cultural tourism complex, building Shanghai build into a world-renowned premium tourist city”. Wang Qunbin introduced Yuyuan, Shanghai’s signature urban cultural landscape, the Bund Financial Center (BFC), the "First Facade of the Bund" that integrates finance, art, fashion, and lifestyle elements, and other projects such as the Shanghai Bay International Tourism and Resort Zone at the center of the Shanghai Bay area that the Group is actively promoting. Wang Qunbin stated that the Group will continue to build world-class tourist destinations center around the "China-Chic Yuyuan, the trendy Bund, and the gorgeous Shanghai Bay Area".