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FOLIDAY’s New Quality Lifestyle under Snowy Mountains, Club Med Lijiang Opens

25 September 2021, Yunnan, China -- Club Med, the world's leading “Premium All-Inclusive” resort brand, held the opening ceremony of Club Med Lijiang in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Being the first resort of Club Med in Yunnan Province, China, the opening of Club Med Lijiang Resort, demonstrated the achievement of the first core element of FOLIDAY Town Lijiang Resort, the one-stop resort, created by Fosun Tourism.


Mr. Qian Jiannong, Chairman and CEO of Fosun Tourism Group said: “The opening of Club Med Lijiang marks the milestone for both FOLIDAY and Lijiang. It proves that the Group has never stopped its global development even under the impact of pandemic. As the first project of Club Med within FOLIDAY Town, Club Med Lijiang will be fully integrated with a wide range of businesses in the FOLIDAY Town and truly becomes a leading product to match the quality holiday life for families in the future. Meanwhile, for Lijiang, Club Med Lijiang and FOLIDAY will be the best driving force towards the transformation and upgrade of cultural tourism in Lijiang, as well as in achieving the goal of creating a world-renowned cultural tourism city, through riding on the rich tourism resources in Lijiang and the Group’s international, high-end and innovative products.”


Premium Holiday Experience at Club Med’s First Resort in Yunnan Province under Snowy Mountains in Lijiang

As a French leisure resort brand with more than 70 years of history, Club Med is operating over 60 resorts around the world. The brand offers its customers unique and unforgettable vacation memories all over the world thanks to “Premium All-Inclusive” holidays, multicultural G.O (Gentle Organizer) team, all-age childcare services, splendid evening parties and other amazing products.


Integrating the magnificent ecological wonders of Lijiang with a civilization of a thousand of years, Club Med's first resort in Yunnan- Club Med Lijiang, which was completed in the golden Autumn, will offer a Naxi-featured, cozy and premium holiday experience for global customers.


Club Med has built a sizeable indoor water park with a total surface area of 1,500 meter square and a nearly 700 meter square indoor gym. They are the major features of the Club Med Lijiang Resort. There are many attractive recreational facilities, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of water, play in all seasons, even under snowy mountains.


In addition to the diverse leisure experiences inside the resort, customers can enjoy the mysterious and splendid “Ancient Naxi Kingdom” atmosphere and the charm of Naxi. Customers can admire the magnificent snowy scenery at Yulong Snow Mountain, which is only 30 minutes away from the resort by car, or walk around the Ancient Baisha Town, a cultural city rich in a variety of cultural heritage activities, such as Naxi tie-dyeing, Dongba writing and painting, and the original western Yunnan cuisine.


The opening of Club Med Lijiang will also be the kick-off for the upcoming 920 Fosun Family Day "Festival", the theme the year is “[Starry Chinese Trend, Glowing Family Holidays]”, which will link Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Lijiang, Dongyang and other cities both online and offline. More than 70 healthy, happy and abundant ecological products of Fosun will be connected, and traditional oriental aesthetics with modern trendy fashion will be integrated to set off a "[Starry Chinese Trend]" with Fosun characteristics in order to bring happy “[Glowing Family Holidays]” to hundreds of millions of family customers.


Henri Giscard d'Estaing, Vice Chairman and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of FOLIDAY and President of Club Med, said:


“Since its entry into China, Club Med has opened four Premium All-Inclusive resorts in Sanya, Guilin, Yabuli and Beidahu, covering a wide range of thematic holiday experiences such as skiing in winter, mountains in summer and sunny beaches, which have been highly favored by Chinese consumers. In the moment of the pandemic normalization, China's tourism market shows full resilience and vitality where Club Med’s business in China in the first half of this year has a triple-digit growth rate, demonstrating its strong brand appeal. With the official opening of Club Med Lijiang, Club Med will continue to get deeply involved in the Chinese market in the future and create more leisure and vacation benchmark products on the basis of differentiated experiences with regional characteristics to help upgrade China's cultural tourism industry.”


FOLIDAY’s New Quality Holiday Life Provided by FOLIDAY Town, the Reason for You to Revisit Lijiang


The first “Investment Promotion Meeting for Developing Lijiang into a World-renown Cultural City” hosted by FOLIDAY was also successfully held at the resort in the morning of the same day, with the leaders of Lijiang municipal government and a number of cultural tourism enterprise representatives joining to discuss the future of Lijiang’s cultural tourism development.


As a representative of the business community, Qian Jiannong shared the great opportunities for the future development of cultural tourism in Lijiang around the project of FOLIDAY Town · Lijiang Mediterranean International Resort which is steadily progressing, at the meeting. With the opening of Club Med Resort that is the first core element of FOLIDAY Town, the grand blueprint of this one-stop integrated resort destination integrating FOLIDAY's full ecological IP and resources is unfold.


FOLIDAY Town Lijiang Mediterranean Resort covers a total area of 1,300 acres with the Club Med Resort included, preserving the original ecological features such as meadows, streams, trees, etc., in an attempt to create a paradise that allows nature to speak and people to explore the unknown freely.

Relying on the profound natural and humanistic heritage of the area, four experience sections: living, holiday accommodation, art and culture, and nature leisure have been formed in the resort, with multiple business patterns including the Club Med resort, themed commercial and entertainment district, the Hidden Gems Of Snowing Mountain Park, holiday house, Casa Cook luxury boutique resort hotel, and Albion vacation apartment.


Beyond traditional resorts, FOLIDAY hopes to build a bridge between life and holiday and create a second home that combines vacation, life and even work for people. More than 3,000 holiday houses in the resort can not only meet people's low-frequency travel and holiday needs such as summer holiday and annual leave, but also become a stage residence, medium and long vacation destinations and meet the high-frequency clothing, food, housing and transportation needs.


According to the project planning, other elements such as the theme commercial street and the Mysterious Snow Mountain theme park in FOLIDAY Town Lijiang Mediterranean Resort will also be opened one from 2022 onwards after the opening of Club Med Lijiang Resort. By then, the Club Med resort will be linked with the various experiences in FOLIDAY Town such that consumers can explore the charm of Lijiang and enjoy a quality, diversified, holiday-as-life FOLIDAY holiday life experience.


Qian Jiannong, Chairman and CEO of FOLIDAY, said:


“As a benchmark product created by FOLIDAY based on the local nature and culture of Lijiang and giving full play to FOLIDAY's global brand and product power, Club Med Lijiang and FOLIDAY Town Lijiang Mediterranean Resort will bring more than differentiated products to Lijiang and even customers around the world and a rich industrial ecology to Lijiang. Under the guidance of the national '14th Five-Year' cultural tourism development plan, FOLIDAY will continue to inject new energy into the high-quality development of China's cultural tourism with more world-class tourism resort products in the future.”

About Club Med

Club Med, founded in 1950 by Gerard Blitz & Gilbert Trigano, invented the all-inclusive holiday club concept, adding in activities especially for children with the creation of the Mini Club in 1967. Led by its pioneering spirit, Club Med seeks out exceptional destinations and sites.


Thanks to the support of its shareholder Fosun Tourism Group and the implementation of the “upscale, global and Happy Digital” strategy, Club Med is now the worldwide leader of premium resort all-inclusive holidays with a French touch for families and active couples

Club Med operates more than 60 resorts around the world, of which more than 90% of the capacity is classified Premium and Club Med Exclusive Collection.


Present in more than 30 countries around the world, Club Med employs nearly 25,000 Gentils Organisateurs (G.Os) and Gentils Employés (G.Es) worldwide committed, representing 110 nationalities.


About FOLIDAY Town

FOLIDAY Town is a key brand of "Tourism Destination” which is one of the three main business sections of Fosun Tourism Group (also known as “FOLIDAY”). Fosun Tourism Group is dedicated to establishing “FOLIDAY” as a new lifestyle, FOLIDAY Town is the platform and offline destination that brings “FOLIDAY” lifestyle to life. It also represents the core concept of “FOLIDAY” which is Family, Friend and Fun.


As a brand offering upgraded leisure experience, FOLIDAY Town is an all-age, all-scene, multi-format and international lifestyle place, riding on the superior globalized FOLIDAY ecosystem and referring to successful operational practices from Club Med, Thomas Cook and Altlantis Sanya, which are also owned by FOLIDAY. Underpinned by so many truly remarkable tourism brands, FOLIDAY Town aspires to adopt new high tech and infuse local culture in products and experience development. Thereby, it can serve and satisfy families’ pursuit of high-quality leisure life.


About Fosun Tourism Group

Fosun Tourism Group (“Fosun Tourism” or “the Group”, stock code: 1992), the world’s leading leisure-focused integrated tourism group, was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2018. Fosun Tourism is the largest leisure tourism resorts group worldwide in terms of revenue in 2019*. Through the lifestyle proposition “Every day is FOLIDAY”, Fosun Tourism seeks to infuse concepts of tourism and leisure into everyday living, and provides tailor-made one-stop solutions through FOLIDAY global ecosystem.

* Frost & Sullivan report, an international independent consultancy company.