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Fosun Foundation Officially Kicks off "New Mihe Project",First Batch of Medical Supplies Delivered to Mihe Health Cente

On 1 August, Shanghai Fosun Foundation (“Fosun Foundation”) announced the official start of the “Mihe Health Center Reconstruction Project” (“New Mihe Project”). In this project, Fosun Foundation collaborated with Fosun Pharma, Fosun Aitrox, Nanjing Iron & Steel, United Imaging and Shuangsheng Medical, and donated nearly 28,000 items of medical supplies which were worth more than RMB9.20 million. The supplies included medical devices for computed tomography and digital radiography, post-disaster pandemic prevention materials, medicines on the shortage list, and disinfectants and insecticides.

01 athering the power of caring to aid Mihe

In mid- and late July, Henan was struck by torrential downpour which culminated in floods, inflicting extensive damage on infrastructures and posing serious threats to human lives and property. On 21 July, Shanghai Fosun Foundation announced its donation of RMB50 million in money and in kind as urgent disaster relief to Henan, especially Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Hebi and Anyang which had been seriously affected by the heavy rain. At the same time, Fosun Henan Flood Control and Disaster Relief Central Command established in Shanghai sent task forces to cities and villages hard hit by the disaster such as Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Gongyi, Hebi, Weihui, Mihe, and Heluo to monitor the disaster situation on the spot and to coordinate and administer the donation of the disaster relief.

On 23 July, upon knowing about the disaster inflicted by the heavy rain on Mihe Health Center, Fosun Henan Flood Control and Disaster Relief Task Force rushed to Mihe Township to monitor the aftermath and understand the health center’s plans for disaster relief efforts and its own reconstruction. Fosun Henan Flood Control and Disaster Relief Central Command and Disaster Relief Headquarters subsequently had multiple rounds of in-depth discussions with Mihe Health Center to fully understand the situation of the health center and then promptly formulated the "New Mihe Plan" accordingly.

Mihe Health Center is the only local hospital in Mihe Township, Gongyi City. The health centre provides service not only to Mihe’s local population of 40,000 but also 100,000 people living in other townships in the surrounding area. Therefore, whether Mihe Health Center can function normally is a matter of life and death for the people in Mihe and its surrounding area.

After having monitored and evaluated the aftermath of the flood disaster, Fosun immediately contacted United Imaging, whose product line encompasses all high-end medical imaging equipment, and received positive support and response from the latter. United Imaging said that it would donate a CT machine needed by Mihe Health Center. Previously, Fosun's partner in the donation of oxygen generators to India, Shuangsheng Medical, offered to donate sterilization vehicles to aid in the construction of "New Mihe". Fosun Aitrox, a subsidiary of Fosun, would also donate an intelligent system for detecting various lung diseases and a cloud system for intelligent medical imaging to improve the accuracy of Mihe Health Center’s medical diagnosis.

02 Contributing to the creation of “New Mihe”

As of August 1, the "New Mihe Project" progressed smoothy as large hardware, software and equipment, including medical devices for computed tomography and digital radiography, an intelligent system for detecting various lung diseases and a cloud system for intelligent medical imaging as well as medicines and sterilization vehicles were already delivered to Mihe Health Center.

According to Zhang Suisheng, the superintendent of Mihe Health Center, Mihe Health Center has completed work on cleaning, epidemic prevention and disinfection with the unremitting efforts of the staff. The Mihe Health Center also resumed providing medical consultations for patients at some of its departments, such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and emergency. After the installation of the medical devices for computed tomography and digital radiography and other equipment donated by Fosun Foundation, Mihe Health Centre will be able to restore its service capability to the previous or an even higher level.

Mr. Zhang said, "I would like to thank Fosun Foundation and the ‘New Mihe Project.' All of our staff are touched by Fosun's love. It has also greatly boosted our confidence and motivated us in the post-disaster reconstruction. I hope the ‘New Mihe Project' will provide more assistance in the reconstruction of Mihe Health Center. We will do our best to provide better services for the local citizens."

To carry out the relief work under the "New Mihe Project" more thoroughly and over a longer period, Fosun Foundation will also introduce its "Village Doctor" scheme into the project in the future. Such move will raise the standard of the primary healthcare system in the medium and long term and contribute to the rural revitalization.

Li Haifeng, the chairman of Shanghai Fosun Foundation and senior vice president of Fosun International said, "I believe Mihe Health Center will be able to protect the lives of the people better with the help of the medical devices for computed tomography and digital radiography." He also said that Fosun would continue to pay close attention to the post-disaster reconstruction work of Mihe Health Center and contribute to the creation of a "New Mihe."

03 Helping to restore local production and daily life

As of 1 August, Fosun Foundation had donated and delivered a total of one million items of disaster relief to Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Hebi, Anyang and other places in Henan to help the disaster-stricken area recover from floods. The disaster relief included large equipment such as ten amphibious, all-terrain rescue vehicles, the Italian mobile Photographic X-ray equipment ("mobile DR"), as well as high-voltage generators, pumps, disinfectants and daily necessities such as water and food.

Specifically, the ten amphibious, all-terrain rescue vehicles donated by Fosun Foundation to Zhengzhou and Xinxiang started immediately transporting stranded patients from the Zhengzhou Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital, Xinxiang Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Center, and The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University in the disaster areas to other hospitals and transporting supplies. The two mobile DR machines donated by Fosun Foundation to Xinxiang First People’s Hospital have already been put into operation in the wards there, thus enabling the hospital to have disabled patients X-rayed. The machines have also been used to conduct preliminary diagnoses on nearly 500 patients transferred from The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University.

Apart from Fosun Foundation, Fosun’s subsidiaries such as Fosun Pharma, Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Co., Ltd., Nangang, Shede Spirits and Fosun Aitrox as well as the external partners such as United Imaging and Shuangsheng Medical also joined this mission of offering humanitarian aid to Henan.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said,

“Fosun will also apply its expertise in the health field to help the disaster areas maintain good sanitation, prevent pandemic and reconstruct damaged facilities in the aftermath of the floods, with special emphasis on the reconstruction of primary healthcare system that includes rural medical institutions. We will help them restore their life and work to normal, provide disaster relief for them and assist them in maintaining good sanitation and preventing epidemic.”