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Fosun Foundation donates RMB50 million disaster relief to Henan

At noon on July 21, Shanghai Fosun Foundation announced its donation of RMB50 million in money and in kind as urgent disaster relief to Henan’s provincial capital Zhengzhou and its other areas struck by floods. Fosun will also apply its expertise in the health field to help the disaster areas maintain good sanitation, prevent epidemic and reconstruct damaged facilities in the aftermath of the floods, with special emphasis on the reconstruction of primary healthcare system that includes rural medical institutions.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said, 'The Fosun fellows have a mission to contribute to society. We are deeply concerned about the disaster victims in Henan, especially those in Zhengzhou. We will help them restore their life and work to normal, provide disaster relief for them and assist them in maintaining good sanitation and preventing epidemic.'

Fosun's subsidiaries, including Fosun Pharma, Yuyuan, Nangang, PramericaFosun, Foliday, and Hainan Mining, will actively participate in the donation and relief operations.