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Oxygen Concentrators have arrived! 135 oxygen concentrators donated by Fosun and its friendly enterprises arrive in Mumbai

On 1 June 2021, 135 oxygen concentrators, 5 ventilators, and 3,300 KN95 masks donated by Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) (hereinafter referred to as “Fosun Foundation”) and its friendly enterprises arrived in Mumbai. This is the largest batch of oxygen concentrators donated by Fosun Foundation after the pandemic situation deteriorated in India in April this year. Under the coordination of the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai, this batch of emergency aid supplies will be donated to local institutions, such as the India-China Friendship Association, Indian Red Cross Society (Mumbai), etc.

Given the recent rapid deterioration of the pandemic situation, India medical frontlines has a severe shortage of oxygen concentrators and has difficulty in coping with the surging patient demand. Ahuja Hive, Fosun Hive’s Indian platform, communicated proactively with the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai and other institutions, and completed the emergency deployment of more than 100 oxygen concentrators in just one week, which was highly appreciated by the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai. Tang Guocai, the Chinese Consul General in Mumbai, said that “a distant relative was not as good as a close neighbor.” Many Chinese non-governmental associations and enterprises were doing everything to support India’s fight against the pandemic. In fact, most of the oxygen concentrators that India urgently needs comes from China.

As the global pandemic situation continues to change, Fosun Foundation and its friendly institutions will continue to expand the scope of aid provided to India, Nepal, Cambodia, and other areas severely affected by the coronavirus. Fosun Foundation and Fosun Trade will utilize their global sourcing capabilities and logistics networks to deploy oxygen equipment, such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators, etc., which are urgently needed, to various regions.

As of now, Fosun Trade confirmed that there is demand for more than 20,000 oxygen concentrators, and that more than 13,000 oxygen concentrators have been shipped successfully. 9,000 of these oxygen concentrators were shipped to India and other severely affected areas. Fosun Trade will continue to leverage its global resource integration capabilities to support the global fight against the pandemic by providing medical protection supplies, nucleic acid testing kits, and other supplies globally.

Since launching the operation to provide humanitarian aid to India in April, Fosun and its subsidiary enterprises have made many rounds of donations at the earliest time possible. Ahuja Hive, Fosun Hive’s Indian platform, donated 100,000 KN95 masks, 10 oxygen concentrators, 5 medical ventilators, and 1,000 protective suits, which were shipped to Mumbai and successively distributed to local employees, partners, and communities. The 150 ventilators donated by Gland Pharma have arrived in Hyderabad, where they have been donated to local public hospitals. The 15 oxygen concentrators donated by Fosun RZ have arrived in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, where they have been used to provide care and critical life support for local employees and the employees and family of partners. Fosun is continuing to deploy medical supplies and support globally.