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Swift support for India - Fosun's more aid of 100,000 KN95 masks arrived in Mumbai

May 2, 2020, Mumbai, India - On the morning of May 2, Fosun responded swiftly to India’s plight and the new batch of medical protective supplies - 100,000 KN95 masks – has arrived in Mumbai from Shanghai. This is another rapid aid following Fosun’s donation of 5,000 pieces of prevention supplies to Mumbai in March 2020. Shanghai and Mumbai are sister cities, and their residents are bound by their joint determination to fight the pandemic. Meanwhile, 150 Breas ventilators donated by Indian pharmaceutical company Gland Pharma, a member company of Fosun, will also be shipped to India this week.

In India, the number of daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 has continued to increase since April, setting consecutive record highs, and the situation has been deteriorating. Fosun has been closely monitoring the local situation as it develops. Under the unified command and coordination of Fosun’s “Global War Command Against COVID-19” team, the Mainland Chinese team and the local Indian team have worked closely to quickly organize and carry out its “global humanitarian aid plan”. In less than four days, the teams managed to deploy, amass and ship 100,000 KN95 masks to help local residents of Mumbai fight the pandemic.

In addition, this batch of medical aids will use to protect our staff in India, and more than half of the supplies will be distributed by Ahuja Hive, Fosun’s business platform in India, to provide the supplies to the people of local frontline health care institutions and grassroots communities so as to meet the urgent need of local communities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the India-based Ahuja Hive team has participated actively in the global medical supply deployment plan initiated by Fosun. It has organized many community care activities, and has donated basic daily necessities such as oil, rice, bread, and other goods to grassroots families, ensuring the normal living conditions for every household.

The dramatic deterioration of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in recent days reflects a severe shortage of frontline oxygen equipment in India’s health care system, which has made it difficult to cope with soaring patient demand. Leveraging its global sourcing capabilities and logistics network, Fosun Trade spared no effort in deploying crucial oxygen equipment, such as oxygen concentrators, small oxygen generators, and ventilators, to India. As of today, Fosun Trade confirmed that around 20,000 small oxygen generators will arrive one after another in India. Fosun Trade will continue to ride on its global resources integration capabilities, try its best to provide medical protective supplies, nucleic acid test kits, and other necessary aid to help the world fight against COVID-19.

On January 24, 2020, Fosun launched its global medical supply deployment plan and procured close to 3 million pieces of medical supplies from more than 20 countries around the world to help COVID-19 stricken areas in China. On March 1, Fosun officially started the second phase of its operations against COVID-19, and support the global fight against the epidemic. By the end of last year, Fosun had deployed and donated more than 50 million medical protection supplies such as masks, protective suits, and nucleic acid test kits …etc, to more than 30 countries, including Italy, the United States of America, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, and India.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said, “As a global enterprise, we firmly believe in ‘a community with a shared future for mankind’. We will stand together with the peoples of the world. We are extremely concerned about the health and safety of our staff and customers and hope to do our part to help the world defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible. As long as we unite and mutually support and help each other, I believe that we can harness the wisdom of the entire human race, we will definitely overcome the difficulties and defeat the virus.”